Job Openings

Taylor Shaye Designs is AGAIN searching for passionate and creative helpers for our growing business! We are looking for flexible job positions, giving you a great opportunity to grow with us!

Job: Graphic Designers/Sales Consultants/Brand Managers/Jewelry Helpers

Description: We are looking for talented helpers who can help us meet our growing demand. Daily task will be fun and always changing. Depending on past experience, we will ask you to help us with task that best suit your skills and passion! Making jewelry, responding to emails, responding to text, answering calls, making different graphics, and many other opportunities! If this sounds like fun, make sure you let us know that you want the job!

You must/be able to:

  • Be organized
  • Meet deadlines
  • Be reliable and consistent
  • Have a flexible working schedule to accommodate busy weeks/seasons
  • Have a fun and good attitude/personality
  • Have reliable transportation

We prefer:

  • Computer Skills
    • Computer Graphical Design
    • Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel
    • Proficient in Google Docs and Sheets
  • Sales Experience
    • Customer Service
    • Maintaining Account Relationships
  • Marketing
  • Creative Minds
  • Prior experience in retail
  • Prior experience in fashion

If you would like to join our growing team/business, send us a quick email us your resume to:


Deadline: March 15th, 2020