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Taylor Shaye 75k followers

 Hey! It's Taylor, Owner and Founder of Taylor Shaye Designs!

That's right, I'm the fun, outspoken, blonde haired girlie behind all of these absolutely amazing jewelry designs! I love designing the perfect statement pieces that make you feel pretty and get your vibes up to their Sunday Best😉 

Taylor Shaye Designs just crossed 75k Followers on Instagram and we are growing faster than EVER🎉

I still can't believe it and HERE'S WHY:

Small Beginnings:

In 2015 when I first started this business, I would sit at my kitchen table (sometimes the kitchen island or even my living room coffee table), but eventually I moved into the spare room. I would pop on some Netflix and get my creative gears turning. Getting into design and styling was always a strong suite of mine. I could just see things with a little more color, sparkle, and style than most.

Taylor Shaye Early days

Taylor Shaye Designs in it's early days. It grew from a kitchen table and then moved here! I personally handmade, packaged, and shipped each and every order📦

As a "Lover of ALL Things Colorful", I started by designing bracelets and long necklaces. This eventually led to earrings and other accessories that everyone would frequently ask me to design and create.

After creating the perfect styles, I would post them and have friends come stop by the house to buy them. I even would leave them in the mailbox and my newly acquired customers would stop and leave a check and grab their goodies!

Shifting Gears:

Taylor Shaye office 2019

I even convinced hubby to convert his mancave into my own personal workshop❤️

After a couple of years of growing direct customers and starting to ship packages, those customers would start reaching out to their favorite retailers to start carrying the brand. From the small beginnings, we would shift gears and start the wholesale division of the business.

During this time, more people learned about the company as I was still making & filling every order while working a full-time job. It was really long days and hard nights, (which was soooo worth all the lost sleep). It was like a constant flow of amazing ideas I couldn't contain.

Expanding the Team:

Taylor Shaye's first office

We hired our first employee right at the start of COVID🤯 Madison (to my right) is still working at Taylor Shaye Designs today!

Was I crazy? eh... MAYBE. I would hire my very first employee at the very beginning of COVID (guess I was crazy lol). This move took a lot of learning and growing personally to take a new person under my wing and grow the business enough to keep us both busy! Although I was stressing about keeping enough business together for me and Madison.. I soon would bring my hubby on to help me grow to more great customers!

One wholesale account would lead to another and before we knew it, our brand was becoming known for it's fun, colorful, and sparkling designs. Within no time we were selling our cute jewelry in multiple states.

Expanding the Operation:

Taylor Shaye Warehouse floor removal

Renovations took place in our NEW warehouse before we moved in. We wanted modern, colorful, and cute🦋

Taylor Shaye Warehouse

Here we are over a year ago now, brainstorming where we were going to build things and setup inventory, backstock, shelving, sales offices, and more✨

We soon moved into a warehouse where the rapid growth hasn't stopped and our now team of more than 20 amazing ladies &&& Cole (can't forget hubby lol) are working harder than ever to make all the greatest high-quality styles and designs for you to wear for every occasion. Everyday we craft high quality jewelry and ship packages across the entire US to your door!Taylor Shaye Designs Warehouse

CRAZY amounts of growth has us busting right out of the seams at our warehouse in less than a year's time🍾

Cheers to the Future:

Everyday we are still blown away by the amazing people that support our brand! We can't wait to see you at 100k Followers & beyond! Cheers ladies🥂

Taylor Shaye 75k followers

"WOW!! There truly aren't enough words to express just how thankful I am for all of you!! This past year has been absolutely amazing and it would not have been possible without the love and support from all of you amazing girlies!! I am so lucky to wake up and do what I love every day! I never in a million years would have thought my love for jewelry would have led me on this incredible journey! THANK YOU all from the bottom of my heart!!"

XOXO- Tay✨💗

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