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Taylor Shaye Designs is a growingly popular Jewelry Design and Supply Company that offers a wide range of amazing unique designs and styles! We have over 2,000 styles and are constantly designing and creating new products to offer your customers!

Our designs can be found in retailers across the entire country, almost reaching all 50 states and Canada!

Select from our many options of Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, and much more!

Get extremely fast and easy customer service with your very own sales representative! Text/Call/Email her at anytime to get instant help or even place another order!

She will keep you on top of the changing seasons for your customers and continue to check-in with you to make sure everything is going just perfectly!

Get Started Below by filling out your information and get ready carry your customer's new favorite jewelry brand!


  • HAVE a Business License and Reseller's Certificate (Proof Must Be Provided)
  • HAVE a Brick & Mortar Retail Location
  • HAVE STRONG store sales
  • Established your company BEFORE 2023
  • NO ONLINE-ONLY RETAILERS (unless proof of exceptional sales can be provided)